ME-Metals & Technologies supplies:

• Anode baskets (incl. PP bags)

• Platinized and Ir-MMO anodes

• ME-CuTi current bus bars

• MMO anodes

• Pb- and TiPb-anodes

• Pt-foil clad anodes

• Heating and cooling elements

• Tank linings


If you are interested in our products, please have a look in our (printable) brochure.

Titanium anode baskets

Titanium anode baskets are often applied in the galvanic industry. For the production of baskets, a selection can be made from a broad range of expanded metal types; the standard expanded metal is 1 x 5 x 10 mm. Upon special request, we can also supply zirconium and stainless steel anode baskets. The standard delivery time is 10 to 12

working days.


ME-Metals & Technologies will also deliver the accompanying PP bags.

Platinized titanium anodes

The platinized titanium anode is an anode that is widely used in galvanic technology. These anodes are available and deliverable in various dimensions. The standard platinum layer thickness is 2.5 μm. ME-Metals & Technolgies provides

technical support with the design and construction of anodes.


Titanium is not stable in the presence of fluorides. In this case, the use of tantalum or niobium as a substrate material is

strongly recommended. In addition to the chroming and precious metal galvanic technology, platinized anodes are also

widely used for electrodialysis and cathodic protection.

Ir-MMO anodes

The chlorine-alkali industry was one of the first industrial branches that recognized the advantages of the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium combined with the

good electrochemical properties of mixed oxide linings.

Iridium mixed oxide are developed for applications in which oxygen development is the primary anode reaction. Further, anodes are used for cathodic protection and

electrodialysis applications in the galvanic industry, among other industries.


ME-Metals & Technologies delivers, designs and constructs ME-CuTi current carriers and bus bars for the electrochemical industry and ME-CuTi wires for cathodic protection.
See the ME-CuTi brochure.


Lead anodes are used for hard-chrome plating, among other processes. These anodes are available in various designs and dimensions, and can be either round or rectangular in shape.

ME-Metals & Technologies supports with both the optimization of the design and the construction of lead anodes in order to meet all requirements with regard to the stability, current distribution and lifetime of the anode.


ME-Metals & Technologies supplies a special anode consisting of a titanium base plate with a Pb surface. In the case of anodes of approx. 1500 mm or greater, we advise you to install an extra ME-CuTi current bus bar on the back for a better

current distribution. Furthermore, this current carrier provides additional protection against the bending of the Pb anode.

Platinum foil clad anodes

The platinum foil can be applied in layers with a thickness of 3 μm or greater. The extreme micro-smoothness of the platinum foil guarantees a high degree of abrasion resistance.
The closed structure reduces the risk of premature failure

resulting from passivation or corrosion of the substrate material.


These anodes are manufactured as plate or expanded metal, whereby the platinum foil can be applied to one or both sides.

Anodes lined with Pt-foil are often used in special applications, including the production of perchlorate.


Heating and cooling elements

ME-Metals & Technologies produces heating and cooling elements made of titanium, niobium, zirconium and tantalum for application in galvanic baths. Heating and cooling elements made of corrosion-resistant materials are reliable and have a longer lifetime. The large surface also guarantees an optimal heat exchange.


In addition to the standard spiral heat and cooling elements, plate heat exchangers are increasingly used. In the case of a highly corrosive electrolyte, we advise you to use a plate heat exchanger with ME-UltraMetal plates.


Tank linings

We develop and manufacture titanium, zirconium or tantalum tank linings for applications in aggressive and highly corrosive media. The functionality of conventional rubber and enamel linings gradually decreases as a result of mechanical damage and abrasion. This can lead to the tank wall coming into direct contact with the electrolyte and corroding. Our metal lining shields the tank wall from the electrolyte.


The double wall created with metal linings contributes to an optimal protection of the environment. If a leak detection system is installed, it will be possible to quickly respond to any failures or leaks.



The products are used for:

  • Chromeplating
  • Nickelplating
  • Galvanizing lines
  • Various precious metal baths (gold, silver, platinum)
  • EGL
  • ETL
  • Cu-plating
  • Electrolysis
  •  Cathodic protection

Welding /
Spot welding / 
Stud welding