ME-Metals & Technologies supplies, designs and constructs: 

• ME-CuTi current carriers and bus bars for the electrochemical industry

• ME-CuTi wire for cathodic protection

• Special: ME-CuTi hockey sticks for electrical galvanizing lines (EGL)


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ME-CuTi current carriers and bus bars

ME-Metals & Technologies delivers ME-CuTi copper-titanium current carriers in many dimensions and designs. The copper-titanium is extruded, ensuring the best bond. The result is an optimal current-carrying capacity. Compared with conventional loose linings, our bus bars offer significant advantages.

The important advantages are:

   • High degree of heat transfer

   • Excellent electrical conductivity

A further improvement is achieved by the use of so-called submerged bus bars, whereby the current carrier is submerged. This design improves the current transition, contact resistance and heat development, and especially when anode baskets are used with regard to filling the baskets.


ME-CuTi current carriers and bus bars can be equipped with installation holes for the installation of the anode plates and/or end caps.


ME-CuTi profiles are available in all dimensions and designs.


If you are interested in our products, please have a look in our (printable) brochure.

ME-CuTi hockeysticks

ME-CuTi current carriers are produced in accordance with a special design and are known as hockey sticks in the world of electrolytic galvanization.            


ME-Metals & Technologies sells 2 types of bus bars, with diameters of 63 x 25 mm and 43 x 23 mm.


ME-CuTi wire anodes

ME-CuTi wire anodes are used as anodes for cathodic protection (CP). CP is a method for combating corrosion and is based on the principle of reducing the voltage of the project to be protected. A proper distribution of the current is an important factor in this respect. The copper wire sheathed in titanium ensures a low electrical resistance, enabling long wires to be applied that have a length of, for example, up to 35 meters with the use of a 3-mm CuTi wire.

Standard ME-CuTi wires are available in 2 diameters: 1.5 mm and 3.0 mm. Other diameters can be supplied on request.


Solid titanium or niobium wires, without a copper core, can also be supplied on request.

All wires are platinized or provided with an MMO coating.


The most important advantages of ME-CuTi wire anodes are:

  • Durable

  • Lightweight

  • Good current distribution

  • Low electrical resistance


Explosive welding

In explosive welding, metal combinations are used that cannot be thermally welded. For current carriers and bus bars we use a combination of a copper plate and titanium. In addition to this combination, other metal combinations are also possible. Examples include steel (or stainless steel) combined with metals such as aluminum, titanium or zirconium.


Explosive welding applications are therefore much more varied than the current carriers described above. An example of such applications are tube plates for ME-Alteco heat exchangers.


With copper-titanium, explosive welding provides the advantage of the low electrical transition resistance of copper coupled with the corrosion resistance of titanium. The technology is used when larger diameters are required due to high current densities.

Bending / Profile bending / Rolling

Water cutting /  Laser cutting

Applications of ME-CuTi products: 

  • Current carriers for the galvanic industry
  • Current carriers for electrolytic galvanizing and tinning lines
  • Current carriers for electrolysis processes
  • DSA anodes for chlorine electrolysis
  • ME-CuTi wires for cathodic protection



Welding / Spot welding / Stud welding

Technical support for the optimization of your process

ME-Metals & Technologies provides technical support with the design and construction of bus bars and current carriers. 


We guarantee:

  • High degree of flexibility in the design
  • Good current-carrying capacity
  • Significant cost savings
  • Short delivery times


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