ME-Metals & Technologies supplies equipment for the Chemical Processing Industry (CPI), the petrochemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry under the name ME-Alteco. 

ME-Metals & Technologies represents Alteco in the Netherlands and is your first point of contact; we handle your applications and projects in cooperation with the Alteco staff.


ME-Alteco is a supplier of equipment for the Chemical Processing Industry (CPI), the petrochemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. This conventional equipment is available in various types of steel (including stainless steel), but also in more corrosion-resistant materials such as titanium, zirconium, niobium and tantalum.


If you are interested in our products, please have a look in our (printable) brochure.

The equipment made using these more corrosion-resistant materials is produced either entirely from these materials, or using a coating technique whereby an expensive corrosion-resistant material is applied to relatively inexpensive base material, such as steel.


ME-Alteco supplies reactors, columns, pressure vessels, tanks

and heat exchangers of any of the following designs:

• AD2000

• ASME VIII - div 1

• EN13445

• Tema

 • PED 97/223/EG

Apart from the equipment mentioned above, ME-Alteco also

supplies agitators, various insert pipes, pipe systems, welding

components, circuit breakers and cooling and heating coils,

among other things.

ME-Alteco uses a well-developed quality system and will guarantee high quality products. ME-Alteco is also up to date on all of the new quality-standard trends in Europe.


Our highly specialised employees are able to meet our customers’ highest quality requirements due to their experience and expertise. ME-Altecospecialises in challenging precision work for businesses with exceedingly high quality and safety standards.

Stability, diversity and quality are at the heart of ME-Alteco’s

success. Our experience, our employees’ expertise and our

continuous quality management enable ME-Alteco to realise

extremely diverse and complex metal projects which require

specialised know-how.


For every metal project we work on, ME-Alteco guarantees

top quality, excellent service and timely and correct delivery.

Special rare metals such as nickel alloys (Hastelloy C276, C4, B3, etc.), titanium, zirconium, niobium and even tantalum can be replaced with ME-UltraMetal.

For equipment construction using any material: ME-Alteco.